Haedar Nashir’s Thoughts on Facing the Political Year 2019

Haedar Nashir saat berceramah di Masjid Gedhe Kauman (Dok PP Muh)
Haedar Nashir saat berceramah di Masjid Gedhe Kauman (Dok PP Muh)

YOGYAKARTA, Suara Muhammadiyah – Attending the recitation of the 2018 final reflection at the Kauman Gedhe Mosque in Yogyakarta, The Chairperson of Muhammadiyah Central Board Haedar Nashir shares his thoughts on facing the 2019 political year. Therefore, reacting to it should not be excessive.

Haedar stated that politics is a matter of muamalah duniawiyah (related to world processing and community development). The principle is ibahah (the opportunity to choose between doing or leaving it), not rigidly arranged in the text (al-Qur’an). Politics is needed in managing affairs, upholding and managing justice.

Politics is the domain of political parties. “Muhammadiyah is a mass organization. Not a party. The duty is distincted from political parties,” saying that political parties and mass organizations have different roles and duties.

Losing and winning are the nature of political contestation. “The winner, should implement the mandate well and respect the losers. The losers, respect the winner and keep learning,” he said.

According to Haedar, in running politics, Muslims have to show noble character, which is different from the way secular people. “As Muslims use noble values  are taught by religion. Campaign ought to be done with hikmah (wisdom) and mauizhah hasanah (good teaching). Seizing people’s hearts, not to berate them,” he reminded the audience.

Haedar also reminded that the struggle for good deeds could not only be done through the political move. There are still many other efforts that are equally precious and need to be given attention.

In facing the political year, said Haedar, knowledge is also needed. As it is also one of the key on dealing with anything. Since the beginning, Islam echoed the spirit of science. The first revelation actually contains the command to read.

On the other hand, Muslims need to not be complacent with the political year. Muslims must race to build centers of excellence. Because with this effort, Muslim can regain quality and prominence.

Muslims as mentioned in the al-Qur’an should be khairu ummah (the best people), becoming syuhada ala al-nas (historical actors), actors of goodness, and an example for others.

In this political year, Haedar said that ukhuwah (brotherhood) and togetherness are things that also need to be considered as common concern. No great nation is without unity. (ribas)