Haedar Nashir (Dok SM)
Haedar Nashir (Dok SM)

Tanwir as a Momentum of Enlightenment

Alhamdulillah Tanwir Muhammadiyah 2nd took place in Bengkulu on February 15-17, 2019. About two years ago, Tanwir Muhammadiyah in Ambon-Maluku City held on 24-26 February 2017. Thus twice in the period of 2015-2020 Muhammadiyah Central Board was held consultations under the Congress, as a medium to discuss various organizational problems that are important and strategic.

This Tanwir has a momentum for recycling 2014 Tanwir in Samarinda, when Indonesia has a five-year political party, namely the 2019 Election for the election of the President and Vice President and for legislative members of the DPR and DPD. The rhythm is the same as a warm or politically hot atmosphere.

Political controversy is indeed taking place attracting each other and competing like the struggle for championship titles like in sports involving mass such as football. For the presidential election even the replay matches involving the same candidates as El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona are full of nuances of tension and often high-tension.

We hope that Tanwir Muhammadiyah in Bengkulu will become a momentum to build balance and harmony in the middle of the El Clasico-scented political year. Through Tanwir Muhammadiywh develops a wisely, rational, intelligent, mature, harmonious political nationality atmosphere, fosters togetherness, and prioritizes the interests of the nation and the integrity of the Society elegantly.

On the other hand, from Tanwir Muhammadiyah, there was a responsible attitude to prevent or stay away from fist fighting politics which were charged with mutually negating, overthrowing, and being hostile which harmed all parties, especially for the nation and state. This is where the importance of Tanwir members is wise and not partisans. Keep each political choice in your heart, it does not need to be expressed on the Tanwir arena, including through finger symbols and others. Too cheap if Tanwir is brought in a partisans political atmosphere.

Tanwir’s concentration must not be divided by the political atmosphere. A positive and careful attitude is needed from all Tanwir participants in order to maintain the spirit of Tanwir as an enlightening institution for the enlightening Muhammadiyah elite as the term “tanwir” originates. Enlightening hearts, thoughts, attitudes, and action orientations to discuss important and strategic organizational matters for the progress of Persyarikatan while bringing benefit to the people and the nation.

Keep the Tanwir atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of partisans politics that is not absorbed by the Kepribadian and Khittah.

From Tanwir spread the messages of virtue, peace, and thought of progress for Muhammadiyah, the ummah, and the nation. Muhammadiyah was very much awaited for its enlightenment role in this splitting political year. What have been done by Muhammadiyah leaders for more than three years? Discuss superior programs and the role of leaders in the remaining years ahead of the 2020 Congress which is a year.

Position as the leader of the Muhammadiyah movement, does not bring political mission and other interests. Indeed Muhammadiyah needs to take part in the national political arena, but not partisans politics which is the duty of political parties and the duty of politicians.

Therefore it is surely necessary that Bengkulu’s Tanwir be the meeting point of all the positive energy of all Muhammadiyah leaders to enlighten the lives of the people and the nation. Including enlightening citizens of Persyarikatan.

Moreover, with the theme “Beragama yang Mencerahkan”, then from Bengkulu Tanwir must be enlightened Islamic messages that are enlightened with the motion of all Muhammadiyah leaders in bringing Muhammadiyah as a Progressing Enlightenment Movement! (hns)

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