Bahtiar Effendy, Muhammadiyah’s Political Islam Scholar Passes at 61

Bahtiar Effendy Dok SM

JAKARTA, Suara Muhammadiyah – Indeed, to God we belong and to God we shall return. This day, Muhammadiyah loses its dedicated intellectual and Political Islam scholar. Prof Dr H Bahtiar Effendy, one of Muhammadiyah Chairman dies today (21/11) around midnight in Jakarta Islamic Hospital Cempaka Putih, at the age of 61.

Muhammadiyah Chairman Haedar Nashir remembers the figure as an expert in Political Islam and a sharp minded person with a focused and deep analysis. Haedar admitted that both of his works, a translated dissertation about Islam and State and a foreword written for Olivier Roy’s book Failure of Islamic Politics, have shown the factuality and the depth of his analysis.

“It can also be seen from the way he proposed his ideas about how Muhammadiyah should deal with the current political situation, very sharp and wise,” Haedar said.

“The minute we got the news about his passing, around 12.15 am, we felt such a deep grief. God has called him to return. Lets keep our thoughts and prayers for him. May Allah grant him a khusnul khotimah, forgiveness, and his good deeds be accepted by the lord Allah.”

Haedar also sent a message for the Muhammadiyah youth to set an example of the late Muhammadiyah Chairman who has actively served Muhammadiyah in the Foreign Relation affairs.

“Its such a huge loss and grief for Muhammadiyah. May he be showered with His blessings. May the god’s mercy and forgiveness be with him along the way.”

Prof Dr Bahtiar Effendy was born in Ambarawa December 10, 1958. He holds two master degrees in Southeast Asian Studies and Political Science. He spent half of his high school period in Colombia and the rest from Pabelan Boarding School, Central Java. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Comparative Religion from UIN Jakarta and his PhD in Political Science from Ohio State University. Through out his life, Prof Bahtiar who is also known as a member of American Political Science Association has written and published over 15 books.

Prof Bahtiar actively served as a Deputy Director of the Institute for the Study and Advancement of Business Ethic, a member of Indonesian Muslim Scholar Association or Ikatan Cendekiawan Muslim Indonesia (ICMI), Indonesian Political Science Association, and many others. (riz/th)