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Muhammadiyah’s Principles about Life

By Suara Muhammadiyah

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An Islamic view of life can be found in the Pedoman Hidup Islam Warga Muhammadiyah book (Muhammadiyah Citizens’ Islamic Living Guidelines) or could abbreviated to PHIWM which is the result of the 44th Muktamar (Conference) at Jakarta in 2000.

The Muhammadiyah Citizens’ Islamic Living Guidelines are guidelines for living life in a personal, family, community, organizational, managing Amal Usaha (charity business), doing business, developing the profession, nation and state, preserving the environment, developing science and technology, and developing arts and culture that demonstrate behavior uswah hasanah (good exemplary).

Muhammadiyah Citizens’ Islamic Living Guidelines (PHIWM) as a reference to values and norms for the of Muhammadiyah citizens which aims to the formation of individual and collective behavior of all members of Muhammadiyah that shows good exemplary (uswah hasanah) towards the actual realization of the Islamic community.

The PHIWM material was developed and formulated in four sections consisting of Introduction, Islamic Views of Life, Islamic Life of Muhammadiyah Citizens, the Implementation of Guidelines and Closing. So, to find out Muhammadiyah’s views on life, it can be found in chapter of part II of PHIWM, as follows:

Islamic Views of Life

Islam is the religion of Allah revealed to the Rasulullah (Ash-Shura/42:13), as the guidance and grace of Allah for mankind at all the times, which guarantees for the life welfare of material and spiritual, mundane and ukhrawi (afterlife). The religion of Islam brought by the Prophet Muhammad as the end-time prophet, is a teachings that revealed by Allah which is listed in the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah of Prophet (maqbul) in the form of commands, prohibitions, and instructions for the good of human life in the world and the afterlife. The teachings of Islam are comprehensive and could not be separated from one another, consist of aqeedah, morality, worship, and mu’amalah duniawiyah.

Islam is a religion for surrender solely to Allah (An-Nisa/4:125), the religion of all the Prophets (Al-Baqarah/ 2:136), the religion that accordance with human nature (Ar-Rum/30:30), the religion that guides for human (Al-Baqarah/2:185), the religion that governs human relations with God and human relations with others (Ali-Imran/3:112), the religion which is a mercy for the universe (Al-Anbiya/21:107). Islam is the only religion that approved by Allah (Ali-Imran/3:19) and is a perfect religion (Al-Maidah/5:3).

With Islam, every Muslim has a basis/foundation of life that is Tauheed to Allah (Al-Ikhlas/112:1-4), function / role in life is to worship (Adz-Dzariyat/51:56), and undertake the Caliphate (Al-Baqarah/2:30; Al-An’am/ 6:165; Al`Araf / 7: 69, 74; Yunus / 10: 14, 73; As-Shad / 38: 26), and have a mission to achieve Ridha and the gift of Allah SwT (Al-Fath/48:29). Glorious and ultimate of Islam will become a reality in the word life if it is seriously believed, understood, internalized, and practiced by all adherents (Muslims) in total or kaffah (Al-Baqarah/2:208) and with a full submission or surrender (Al-An’am/6:161-163).

With the heartfelt and sincere practice of Islam, then it would make a Muslim who has the main characteristics:

a. Muslim Personality (Al-Baqarah / 2: 112, 133, 136, 256; Ali Imran / 3: 19, 52, 82, 85; An-Nisa / 4: 125, 165, 170; Al-Maidah / 5: 111 , Al-An’am / 6: 163; Al-Araf / 7: 126; At-Taubah / 9: 33; Jonah / 10: 72, 84, 90; Hud / 11: 14; Joseph / 12: 101; An -Nahl / 16: 89, 102; Ash-Shura / 42: 13; Ash-Shaf / 61: 9; Al-Mu’minun / 23: 1-11).

b. Mu’min Personality (Al-Baqarah / 2: 2-4, 213 to 214, 165, 285; Ali Imran / 3: 122 to 139; An-Nisa / 4: 76; At-Taubah / 9 : 51, 71; Hud / 11: 112 to 122; Al-Mu’minun / 23: 1 to 11; Al-Hujarat / 49: 15),

c. Muhsin Personality in the sense of having a noble character Al Baqarah / 2: 58, 112; An-Nisa / 4: 125; Al-`An’am / 6: 14; An-Nahl / 16: 29, 69, 128; Luqman / 31: 22; Ash-Shaffat / 37: 113; Al-Ahqhaf / 46: 15), and
d. Muttaqin Personality (Al-Baqarah / 2: 2 to 4, 177, 183; Ali Imran / 3: 17, 76, 102, 133 to 134; Al-Maidah / 5: 8; Al-‘Araf / 7: 26, 128, 156; Al-Anfal / 8: 34; At-Taubah / 9: 8; Jonah / 10: 62 to 64; An-Nahl / 16: 128; Ath-Thalaq / 65: 2 s / d 4; An-Naba / 78: 31).

Every Muslim whose have mu’min, muhsin, and muttaqin soul, which is perfect, is required to has faith (aqeedah) based on monotheism that are consistent and clean from syirik, and khurafat; also should have a way of thinking such bayani, burhani, and irfani; has a behavior and action that are always reflects the morality of the Karimah which is Rahmatan Lil ‘alamin.

In life in this world until the life in the hereafter, the ultimate Islam is really can be felt, observed, demonstrated, proven, an spread a mercy for the universe as a manhaj of life (living system) if it is seriously practiced by its adherents. Thus, Islam becomes a system of beliefs, system of thought, and system of action that are unified in every Muslim as the main message of the Islamic da’wah (preaching).

The Islamic preaching as a form of calling and bringing to all mankind to the path of Allah (Yusuf/112:108) basically should be start from Muslims as a preacher of themselves (ibda binafsika) before preaching to other people according to the call of Allah: “O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones…” (At-Tahrim/ 66:6). The effort to realizes Islam in life by through da’wah it is mean inviting for the goodness (Amar ma’ruf), preventing the badness (nahyu munkar), and inviting for the believe of Allah (tu’minuna billah) in order to make the best people or khairu ummah (Ali-Imran/ 3:104, 110).

Based on comprehensive belief, profound understanding and appreciation of Islam, then for all Muhammadiyah members it is an absolute obligation to implement and practice Islam in a whole life aspect by practicing Islamic life in our own environment before preaching Islam to other people. Muhammadiyah as an Islamic Movement and Muhammadiyah members as Muslims are really demanded for their exemplary in practicing Islam in various sphere of life, so that Muhammadiyah as an institution and the members of Muhammadiyah in individually also collectively as da’wah agents become Rahmatan lil ‘alamin for the life in this earth.

Source : Central Board of Muhammadiyah

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